1/9-Class Episode I: Introduction

Wishing everyone a lovely MLK day! This blog pertains to last week’s session as there is no class today due to the holiday, so we’ll pick up again next week! Last week was an interesting introduction to my first course in the Advertising/Public Relations major. CAP 105 deals with Technology in Advertising and Public Relations. To make a long story short, I’ll be playing with a lot of media sources (Photoshop, Adobe Suite, etc). The following is pretty much what we discussed over the 3 hour period-that’s right, one of the treacherous evening 6-9p courses.

Remember Rebecca Black and her “chart-topping” hit, Friday? Yeah, it was bad. From the lyrics to the auto-tune to exaggerated high-schooler life, it was a bomb…critically. But damn, was she success! Marketing, pretty much the way something is sold to the population, in her case was crazy. The views she’s made on the video (which she probably makes $$$ from) , TV interviews, and record label offers, projected her into star status. I will honestly say now, she’s not a bad artist in present day. To view the video that made everyone hate Friday,  click here (Youtube, 2011).

We discussed various kinds of media industry tools, company’s may use that YOU can use to. For example, Celtx (Celtx, 2016) is a free script writing software for those with creative imaginations that wish to construct the ultimate play/screenplay. Final Draft is another software used by a multitude of professional writers. It goes for anywhere between $160-$250; Celtx is practically the same software and gets the job done without paying a dime. I personally have started using Celtx and I highly recommend it!

We also looked into different kinds of formatting for audio. photo, and video files. For audio you may have files labeled .wav, .mp3, .omf, etc. Pictures, as I’m certain  A LOT of us have seen include the .gif for the hilarious moving memes; .png, .jpeg, .swf, etc. And for video, primarily, .mp4. For online videos-H.264 file formatting is the most popular.

There was a lot to take in during the 3 hours and well, it may seem a bit boring when reading, trust me, it’s very interesting during the class. I mean, if you’re interested in the material, which thankfully I am! If there’s any more I could explain or that you may wish to know, please feel free to contact me. Until next week!

gif-1 “.GIF” (Giphy, 2016)


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