2/6-Class Episode IV: Photoshop II

Hello all! Last week I did not attend class do being quite under the weather. That is why there was no “scheduled” post. Luckily, the class consisted of more Adobe Photoshop practice, which I honestly wish I didn’t miss but it’s okay. So no major new material.

I’ve realized that Photoshop is extremely useful in the field I’m going into-Advertising (and other future endeavors). It’s a tool that renders the perfect caliber of an image I may provide to a company or individual. I acknowledge also that a photo shopped image can’t look “photo shopped”. It’s a patent observation, as we see the program being used in images all over the place (magazines, billboards, tumblr, etc.). And that’s what I enjoy so much about the program: it’s devious. That can be seen in a good and bad way. Good, because a skillful person using Photoshop can create the most presentable and alluring photos for personal use or to share with others. Bad, because we have all seen those pictures that we KNOW have been photoshopped that are unappealing. They feel rushed and unsatisfying. I’m not sure when I’ll be using the program in the future but I know it will be relevant to my occupation-Advertising or my current ventures into the film industry. I’m glad I’m relearning it now.

I have attached below my last Photoshop image of a faux movie poster. It was in my last blog post but just in case you haven’t read it, here it is. I haven’t worked on it since the original posting and it is by far not the greatest thing ever. But it is a first step back into the world of graphic design.

I’m embedding a real cool video on the techniques of Photoshop, I was blown away at this person’s editing. Click here to view the video! Hopefully I grow the patience to do this kind of awesome work.

And that is a wrap on this blog post. Sorry if it wasn’t all that interesting. The next one will be for sure! It is going to be about all about photography! Thank you for reading and if you feel like contacting me for anything, click here or go to my contact page!

Until next time,


Sources: (Youtube, 2017)



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