2/13-Class Episode V: Photography

This last week of class was very intriguing to me because I love photography! There’s something about capturing a person, thing, or moment on camera that gives you the chance to relive the memory time after time again! I’m referring to that in a positive context too; we all know there are things caught on camera, that never should be. As I said before, I love photography. Anyone that personally knows me, knows that I’m constantly taking pictures off my phone of various things, my favorite being nature and the sky. I knew the basics of a camera but I also learned much more detail of the DSLR camera this last class session.
I could write a extremely long blog post that would be a complete rehash of the class but I promise, I wouldn’t do that. I’d like to point out a couple things that stuck out to me though. I never knew what shutter or shutter speed was. It’s the exposure time of the camera sensor to light and the speed results in how clear the object will appear in the picture. Now I understand why some things end up blurry and unfocused and others crystal clear. The waterfall picture I have attachedslow-shutter-speed is using a slow shutter speed. It gives the water itself a majestic softness. Aperture is another thing I never knew about. It’s the amount of light that hit the camera sensor. You probably realize now how much of a noob I am with the basics. There’s a particular amount of light used for various settings (ie: indoors/outdoors). When lighting a picture for a head shot for example, there may be three different lights being used-a key light, fill light, and back light. This is one thing I already had knowledge about from my time working on film  sets. Click here to view a video summing up the 3-light structure!
There’s a video in my last blog post of Photoshop being used to make an old woman young again. I’ve absorbed the fact that in my career down the road, I’ll most likely be playing with photos a lot through Photoshop, for enhancement purposes opposed to making someone 50 years younger. That’s also another reason I enjoy the field I’m heading into because photography is immensely relevant! It increases my interests so much more.
As I said, I’m not going to go through a play-by-play of everything I learned because this post would be an essay. So, if anyone has questions or would like to know anything else I learned this class session please, contact me! My next blog will be relatively shorter due to class being set on taking portrait photos. But you’ll see a few pictures we took! Until next time, folks!


Video via (Youtube, 2017)

Image via (photographytuts, 2017)


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