2/27-Class Episode VII: Green Frog Photo

On February 27th, I took a class trip to Green Frog Photo, a photography studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here we met Jeff Hage, the show-runner, and a food photographer. He gave us a tour of his upstairs and downstairs studios. Upstairs consisted of a typical studio set-up in a open spaced loft (not exactly a loft but it reminded me of one): a green screen, a diverse amount of lights, light manipulation software, etc. I wish I could remember the names of some of the lights he displayed to us but I honestly can’t remember. Now downstairs was huge, it was once a dining hall for the corporate executives that ran a former company in the building prior to Green Frog. Green Frog is also one of several companies that rent out spaces of the entire building complex where it is located; it looks like an old asylum to be honest.

Anyways, down in the basement studio is where Jeff works on his food photography. There was a crap load of equipment and devices that help a picture become one worth a thousand words! We learned much about Jeff and Green Frog as a company through a Q & A session. The man has a fantastic job and is so enthusiastic about his passion(s) it makes me so eager to jump into a field where photography is essential.

*The picture below is not one of Jeff’s but it’s an accurate representation of what his food pictures look like.*

Image result for food photography

What I took from this trip is simple: you have to make the world your b****.  Stepping out of your comfort zone and traveling to territories where decision making and choices aren’t as easy as you’d think, will enhance your ability of success and becoming a leader. Now I’ve heard these words a thousands times dating back to useless high school assemblies about entrepreneurship. My point is, the words are coming out of my mouth now. They relate to my own personal context of success and at this point in my life, stepping out of my comfort zone has already offered me benefits of obtaining connections and future job offers.

Everyone should go check out Green Frog Photo’s site! Click here, the portfolios are fantastic!

It was a really interesting field trip and a refreshing change of pace from our regular classroom setting! More to come this week! Until next time!


*Image via (Pintrest, 2017)


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