3/13-Class Episode VIII: Video Production

Alas! The unit of this class I’ve been looking most forward to: Video Production. I originally began college as a film major but switched to Ad/PR a little over a year ago. Still, I see myself being active in the universe of cinema post-college.

Now I don’t want to over-explain everything that I learned because without sounded full of myself, I knew a fair amount of the information being given (thanks to four years of media production classes in high school and a semester’s worth of film studies in college.) You start off with scripts/storyboards,  finding your filming location, having the precise amount of lighting and excellent sound recording, the appropriate camera(s), etc. And then there’s the editing process which I find to be more fun than people would imagine. We went over using Adobe Premiere (which I’ll be using soon as well; picture below) and it’s a very easy program to use. For some that may be different but I’ve had several years experience editing videos. I used to have a gaming  YouTube channel and I’d spend hours editing videos for my weekly postings; I’ve used programs like the simple Windows Movie Maker, Vegas Pro (when it was called Sony Vegas Pro), Final Cut Pro, Audition, Audacity,  After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro. Click here for a beginner’s tutorial at Adobe Premiere Pro and here for a short film by Film Riot!

Image result for adobe premiere

Even relearning this material, I still love it all the same. I’m going to have shoot a commercial for our Ad firm soon and it’s always good to brush up on techniques.

Knowing the video production process is crazy important in my future field because I find it to be the bread and butter of the Ad sphere. At least it’s mine, personally. People are persuaded and drawn to something when they can see it in motion. If I can see myself at a place, with a product, or doing something I think I may enjoy via an advertisement (a commercial/infomercial being my best example), the advertisers did a damn good job because they sold me on a full video not just a picture with quasi-persuasive words.

I don’t know if any of that makes sense to anyone else but it does to me. Simply, I love video production and I think it pays off being the best form of media out there. And that’s about it! So, if anyone has any questions, comments, or what have you, feel free to contact me!

-BImage result for process of video production


Images via (University of Central Florida, 2017); (Adobe, 2017)

Videos via (Youtube, 2017)


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