3/27-Class Episode X: WKTV

Hello, friends! I’m late on this blog post and I fully acknowledge it. I’m currently not in Michigan right now but Florida. I’m typing this up in a library, 20 miles away from where I’m staying because there’s no wi-fi and a shit internet connection there. A little over a week ago I visited WKTV in Wyoming, MI. It is a community access station (public-access) that airs local productions and honestly it was really neat. I’ve always found public access television more boring than watching paint dry. After this little field trip though, I still find it boring to watch but fun to make. You see, this station allows you to create your own show for free! I mean, if you wanted a show to air on this station, all there is, is a series of very affordable “training” sessions that will certify you to use the equipment (cameras, lights, editing software) and once that’s done….BAM! You have access to create a television show. Even if you didn’t want to create a show, you can still get certified and check out equipment for a project you may have (if you make youtube videos for example). I think in the next year, I will take up the opportunity, honestly, because why not?? It may be a way into my dream of working in the film industry and a great way to gain experience and make connections.

I have attached a couple pictures below, one displaying what I call the “feed” room because it has a bunch of screens showing what is currently on the air and another of a GMA-like room for news. Other than that, there is not much more about the studio. I got to see their editing rooms, the WKTV van, I saw from the outside, their main sound stage (a show was recording and we couldn’t go on it), etc.

Maybe, perhaps, we’ll be shooting our firm commercial there but we’ll see! I’ll be posting another blog soon! Check out WKTV’s site in the meantime, click here!

Until next time!


Photos via: Me


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