4/3-Class Episode XI: Web Design

This class was more or less about the characteristics of webpages. We touched upon topics such as: HTML, URL, domain names, extensions, etc. All in all, when it comes to websites: you want your audience to navigate as smoothly as possible. There’s the 3-click rule, in at least 3 clicks the web surfer should find what they’re looking for. The site should be appealing and quite frankly very “rock & roll”. There shouldn’t be an over abundance of words, color, pictures, etc. The font of the site(s) should preferably be a sans-serif variant and the colors for the words should be courtesy colors (blue, red, purple, etc). I didn’t even know that YouTube is the second search engine next to Google! I guess I could see that though, given that over a billions views are made on that site daily! Pretty much, all I learned this class was that I need to be precise and know what I’m trying to provide to my customers/audience. If they are satisfied as can successfully navigate my site then I find success myself. I don’t know if this blog counts as a site so I’ll say that I have never created one, personally, in my life thus far but I’m sure in the near future I will be. I’m posting a video about creating html for beginners, I found it insightful, click here to view it. This class was a good one, informational wise but I don’t know how much is worth repeating considering I’m familiar with several of the concepts lol

I think I will end it here then. I’ll have another blog coming out tomorrow! I know, two in a row, what kind of witchcraft is this?! Anyways, as usual, if anyone has questions or comments, contact me! Until next time!links

Very popular links: Image provided by (howtoanswer.com, 2017)

Video provided by (Youtube, 2017)




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