What’s up everyone! I’m Brandon, a 21 year old college student from the lovely state of Michigan, the only state where you can find a snow shovel with an umbrella attachment! I reside at Grand Valley State University somewhere between stressed and surreality.
My grandest dream is running a film production company and a series of jazz night clubs in cities that never sleep. I’m sarcastic, adventurous, very open and blunt. I have a passion for film and am crazy for classic rock, indie, and jazz music. Chaplin is my idol. I believe laughter is the best medicine, next to Norco (Note: that’s a joke). Give me a camera and I’ll come back with 1001 pictures worth an album.
As an aspiring actor, I hope to see myself up on the screen one day.  A dream in progress!
There’s much more, “about me” that I could post but you can look me up on a dating profile and find the whole nine yards (another joke, I’m happily taken!) Anything more though, just contact me and I’ll share! I hope you enjoy following this blog as much as I will documenting it for you!(: